Naturally insulating - Support programme "Insulation materials from renewable raw materials
The interest in ecological building materials is no longer a question of ideology and income, but a general social concern. For this reason, numerous natural materials have been developed and improved in recent years, so that today we have an extensive range of high-performance construction products available from nature. Insulating materials from renewable raw materials are among the most important natural products in house building. They guarantee a pleasant living climate, minimize health risks and protect valuable fossil and mineral resources. At present, their comparatively high price and lack of confidence in their performance characteristics are opposed to a greater prevalence of these natural insulating materials. In order to change this, the Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture (BMVEL) has launched the subsidy directive “Insulating materials” in the market launch program “Renewable Resources”. With this funding program, the ministry supports all those who use environmentally friendly insulation materials during construction or modernization. On this website you will find all the information about the market launch program as well as numerous facts and data on insulating materials from renewable raw materials. A competent consulting team will answer questions about natural insulating materials and the application. Launch program Dr. Gabriele Peterek Tel .: 0 38 43/69 30 – 119, e-mail: g.peterek (at) Wenke Stelter Tel .: 0 38 43/69 30 – 122, E-Mail: w.stelter (at)   Technical advice Markus Hemp Tel .: 0 251/7 05 – 1355, Email: markus.hemp (at)   public relation Kai Gildhorn Tel .: 0 38 43/69 30 – 130, E-Mail: k.gildhorn (at)   You can also contact us via daemmstoffe (at)

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